Why Are CPA Pass Rates So Low?

The CPA exam has the lowest pass rates out of any standardized test. Every quarter the pass rates are released by the AICPA and at 50 percent of the candidates consistently fail the exam. Why are these tests so difficult?

The public accounting profession prides itself in keeping its standards higher than other professions. It’s not easy to become a CPA and thus only the best students are able to pass the rigorous exam and fulfill all of the educational requirements. The average CPA candidate will most likely either fail the exam or stop taking before his or her education or work experience requirements are fulfilled.

These high standards propel the public accounting industry into a higher field of professionalism and success. The licensed individuals are more educated and better trained than in previous years. Today in most states candidates must have a masters degree before that can even take the exam.

The other reason why the exam is so difficult is because the average student doesn’t prepare properly for it. This isn’t a college exam and shouldn’t be taken on whim. This is a professional exam that will change your life once you pass it. It needs to be taken seriously and candidates must be dedicated and committed in order to pass it. Simply studying isn’t enough. To really beat the CPA exam, you must purchase a CPA review course and actually use it. That’s the only true way to prepare for the exam and beat the horrible pass rates.